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About Me

I have always lived close to Wellington, and the regular trips into “town” throughout my childhood have left an impression on me that will last for ever.  I love the narrow Wellington Streets with rows of villas and cottages, with their sash windows and paneled doors, the verandahs and clay chimney pots.  The close proximity of the houses adds to the charm, making a sometimes
repetitive pattern up and down the streets. Turn-of-the-century cottages and grand old villas gave the impression that they had been there forever, telling stories of endurance and survival. 

The artistI starting making pottery in 2001 and discovered I liked to make surfaces that I could draw and paint on.  I like the idea of preserving the environment I grew up in and celebrating landmark buildings and our early architecture.  To this end I tend to make slabs of clay into tiles, platters or bowls and glaze the surface with pictures of my surroundings.

Pottery has become a medium to explore birdlife in its natural habitat and Tuatara have become a favourite subject for sculpture.  I have a growing interest in the need for conservation of our remaining natural habitats and the wildlife that lives in them. 

I live on the Kapiti Coast and the Wharemauku Stream runs through a pocket of native bush behind my house. This brings Tui, Piwakawaka (Fantail), Kereru (Wood Pigeon), and Tauhou (Wax Eye) to my garden providing opportunities to draw, paint or observe them everyday. 

My studio is set up at home, each piece of pottery is made on site and fired in my kiln.

Visitors to my home studio are welcome by appointment.

Contact Me

If you have any questions regarding my art work, or you wish to make a purchase, then please contact me by phoning or e-mailing me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Vinny Thompson
Kapiti Coast

+64 4 904 7217
E-MAIL:    vinny@vinnythompson.co.nz

INSTAGRAM:    https://www.instagram.com/vinnythompsonartist/

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