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A Note from me.....Tui Platter

Hi everyone.....

Well, the NZ Art Show was a fabulous event to mark my return to full-time art this year. All but one of my new pieces sold, and meeting so many people and hearing their "villa" stories made the whole experience so much more enjoyable.

I've been accepted as an exhibitor for the Kapiti Arts Trail 2018. For the first time I will be opening my home studio to the public over two weekends. Previously I have shown my work in Artist's Hubs so I'm very excited to be showing from home this year.

Don't leave me here on my own - cross over the railway line, come and say Hi" and check out my Kererunew "Giant Tuatara" sculptures, glazed tiles and the coolest little kiln shed on the Kapiti Coast.

Put the weekend aside and come with some friends. The new Arts Trail brochure will be available on the Kapiti Coast District Council website in August.

I've added a new 'Archives' section to the website. I'm hoping to use this to show a more complete record of my work. I've started with the Orbs Archive. Please check it out and we'll add more archive pages as we have time.

BTW - I'm now on Instagram. Check it out https://www.instagram.com/vinnythompsonartist/ ....

See you soon ....



Vibrant New Zealand themed artwork

From her studio on the Kapiti Coast, Vinny Thompson designs and makes a range of pottery tiles, platters and bowls. Her work illustrates a number of contemporary New Zealand themes including Tuataracharacter villas and cottages, landmark buildings, and native New Zealand birds. The surface of each piece has been carved giving it a texture that is interesting to touch. Each piece is hand-glazed in vibrant colours.

Vinny also sculpts Tuatara from earthenware or stoneware clays, and these are suitable as outdoor artworks for display on the deck or in the garden.

Each individual piece is hand-crafted making each work a memorable and unique piece of New Zealand artwork.


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